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Why You Should Join Us

Quite simply, to keep more of the money you work hard to earn. The only person responsible for your success is you. Your Broker is someone you pay for services. You are a consumer, not an employee. Be a wise consumer.

Many companies offer favorable commission splits w/no caps on how much they can take from you, or 100% commission splits, but caps that are very high (in the form of monthly office fees of $1,000 and up!).

Only Washington First Properties gives you the opportunity to pay your desk fees solely through a favorable commission split and with a low, low cap.

We have three programs to choose from!

1.Washington First Properties splits your commissions with you 50/50 until a total of $7,500 has been received by the company. After that, you’re a 100%er!

2. You keep 70% of your commissions until Washington First Properties has received $8,400 (this is our most popular option) – then you’re at 100%.

3. Go on 100% from day one when you pay a lump sum desk fee of $6,600.

And, our commission year runs from the day you join to your anniversary date – we don’t reset the clock arbitrarily at the first of the year! There are two ways to get more money – earn more and stop spending so much. We help you with both sides of the equation.

Please call Nick Gantt our Agent Service Manager at
503-352-7008 for a confidential meeting.

You deserve to spend or invest more of your own money. You’ll wish you had made the move sooner!

What We Provide For Our Agents:

Professional Support Staff

Modern Equipment: high speed wireless networks, color printing, state of the art phone system w/direct dial numbers, etc.

Convenient Facilities: in easy to find areas. Washington First agents can meet with clients or use the facilities of our office space with computers, private offices, and conference rooms – all available.

Free Agent Web Page: as well as E&O Insurance Coverage, Advertising Group Discount… all the amenities. We are full service!

No “Floor Time” Requirement: so you can use your time making YOU money; so calls on your listings go to YOU – YOU get the buyers.

No Mandatory Expenses: like company logos on your advertising or “technology” fees. You make your own expense vs. benefit calculations.